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Adultery and Fornication 17:32

And do not take part with a woman or a man without legal intent. Surely it is a disgusting and shameful deed, an activity that avails derogation, and an evil means or method.

Sexual relations between a male and a female should be bound by legal contract within the institution of marriage. Adultery and fornication are very serious offenses that destroy the strength and hope in the family. Communication begins to cease, the commitment is broken, and there is no more loyalty or trust. It also breaks down the mutual trust in society and nurtures suspicion and doubt among the people.

Illegal sexual relations have become a very serious problem. Young women are having two or more children by different men. And the young men are not maintaining the child or the woman. Their care and well-being fall on society which becomes a burden as the problem increases. This can result in broken homes, miseducation, crime, blighted communities, etc.

Therefore, G-d warns us not to go near adultery and fornication. Meaning, do not do anything that would place you in a situation to commit the act. The magnitude of shame caused by adultery and fornication begins with conversing then advances to performing the act.

We should not be alone behind closed doors when working or making business deals with the opposite sex. The doors should be open, or the transactions made in an open space, as a precaution to prevent temptation. Thus, G-d gives us precautions in order that we do not exceed the bounds and place ourselves in a shameful situation.


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