• Sameehah Al-Amin

Adultery and Fornication 17:32

And you do not approach the woman, coming without legitimate intent for it is hideous and shameful, a reprehensible act.

G-d tells us to have respect for each other, our parents, our relatives,our children and to be honest and faithful, especially to our spouse, by respecting His laws, our community and society life will progress.

Adultery and fornication is having sexual relationship with a women without a legitimate contract and is the greatest of shameful acts, bringing about many social ills, such as the break down of the family structure, disruption and emotional problems especially for the children, and also causes conflict between family members.

Adultery and fornication is not just sexual intercourse it can also be in the tone of speech. Going near adultery and fornication for example is holding hands, being alone in a private place, kissing and touching, all of those things invite the forbidden act, so don't go near it, don"t put yourself in a situation were things can possibly happen.

So these are some reasons of the forbidden, set as a precaution, in not exceeding the limits, which will bring about an intensity of shame. Perhaps we will remember, for The Most High does not command indecency.


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