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The Potential for Acquiring Knowledge and The Regardfulness  91:7-10

By the soul and He Who made it straight upon the original nature with no disparity in it. And He inspired the soul as to its potential for acquiring knowledge and as to its guarding from the punishment of Allah. He was successful and victorious who purified it and restored it. And he does not succeed in what he searched for when he hid the shame.

Allah has created every newborn baby upon the original nature. The environment they are born into can influence them to stray from this original nature.

Allah has established in the soul the potential for acquiring knowledge and a serious regardfulness for all things that should be respected and held in high regard.

First is high regard for Allah, and next is regard for parents and close relatives. This regard is to keep the soul on the straight path.

The potential for enlightenment is undeveloped perception with an urge created in it by Allah to perfect the perception. In seeking knowledge, the person must be conscious of what must be respected and be regardful of what is good for the soul and its purification.

This world can influence the seeker of knowledge to stray from what is right and straight and useful, However, if the person keeps the two urges, seeking knowledge and serious respect and regard for what is right and straight, paired as mates to each other, then their soul will be purified and grow. If the person neglects this balanced pairing, the soul will be corrupted.


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