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A Balanced Life  91:7-10

He made the soul balanced, there is no disharmony in it. Then it encounters in it disobedience and infidelity. He can prevent it from the punishment of G-d, if he cultivates cleanses and restores it and be victorious. Indeed he who did not seek the balance of enlightenment and obedience is foolish, shameful and rejected.

Every human being has been created in just proportion and given the inherent ability of right and wrong in order to live a balanced life, like one who walks the tightrope with arms stretched out in order to keep his balance, not leaning to far to the right nor to the left.

The proper balance is looking through the scope that G-d has given us and follow the guidance thats within us and within creation, then we will be able to stand up physically, morally and spiritually and be victorious.


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