• Aisha Greenleaf Abdul-Mateen

Within 91:7-10

Within the human being is placed the blessing of mercy from right and wrong. Staying focus on pleasing Allah and Paradise inspires us to purify our inner self. Praying and applying righteous knowledge assist our inner self to grow, mature and display the good behavior and character. To conquer this success, we pray for righteous guidance. Those who are victorious will strive to achieve purifying ourselves.

Those who deny the rights of our inner self to be purified will reject the blessings of piety. Corrupting, disgracing, lying and dismissing righteous guidance and excepting bad behavior and character are actions of pleasing Satan, inspired by his whispers. The Creator wants us to minimize bad behavior. Satan role is to make bad behavior attractive and keep us weak obeying him. Example, Europeans believe they are superior and impose on humanity of color inferiority. These actions allow Europeans to be oppressive, taking advantage of others. This is behavior inspired by Satan that is alive and still practice. It is said that no Arab has superiority over non-Arabs, and no non-Arab has superiority over Arabs, no white has superiority of black and no black has superiority over white, except in good actions and piety. This is all one brotherhood and sisterhood.

The true religion is upright, follow the natural character that Allah placed in you, not changing that which keeps us on the straight path. That is the right religion, but most men know not.

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