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  • Patricia Ni’ma-Mohammed

Allah’s Provisions in Winter and Summer or in Material and Spiritual 106:1-4

The family of the Quraish were bonded by their closeness and love for their covenant as custodians of the house. With Allah’s protection they were allowed to travel securely through their land free from discomfort, abandonment, and hunger. So, let them make Him single in worship with no partners.

With all of our differences (down to our individual fingertips,) as Muslims we have a common thread that binds us. That is the character of Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him. He is the human model that Allah approves of as well as being known as the “Qur’an walking.” We strive to live his life example. However, we are never to look to him as divine. We are to regard Allah as the one true Creator of everything. Only Allah can create life from a congealed drop of blood. Only Allah can produce light from the signs in His creation and in His scriptures. Only Allah can bring about death to this mortal body and transition it to another phase of development.

Meanwhile as we travel through this journey, we should remain conscious that the material and spiritual forces are constantly working together. Lastly, knowing that one day we will face the Day of Reckoning, it would be to our benefit to serve humanity as if it were our last day on earth.



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