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  • Huetta Abdullah

The Value of Real Humanity (Ilaaf) 106:1-4

The Quraish were a people who were secure and had a strong sense of real community values. Through unified worship and trust they had protection and celebrated good habits. They also felt they had a great advantage because they were overseers of the Kaba. Their strong economy was the result of moving merchandise by caravans and trading with neighboring countries. They were able to provide means of substances against hunger during summer and winter months.

There seems to be a portion of humanity that is so copious in ignorance. Values of shared kindness and consideration are degenerated to its lowest level. Not yet able to label them as evil or harmful to others in society, they are still effective in causing confusion among weak and insecure minds. To give some clothing to these thoughts, do not picture this statement with any particular ethnic group. Picture them as I described them in the beginning, as a portion of humanity not at all resembling the Quraish.

Where do the rest of us fit in regarding our humanity as protectors of the land we share in our individual neighborhoods and communities? Maybe a minimal concern would be to call to check on someone who has not been seen or heard from. To them it might have a greater value than we think. The necked eye shows pictures, but ideas and thoughts can have great powers of change. Distasteful emotions and spirits fall under the realm of degenerating ones true values of the real humanity. Our common sense tells us if the material conditions are bad it does have a great effect on the spirit.


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