• Shukriyyah and Elus Abdul Salaam

Unity of Worship   106:1-4

For their love and their contraction of habit of the Quraish, their protection during the transition period for the travelers: the time of the cold and a parting of the four seasons of the year, so let them submit to and obey the Lord of the Kaabah. Who has provided them with means of subsistence against the emptiness of the stomach from food and He made them feel safe from an emotion in the spirit which occasions to anticipation of a hated thing or a desirable escape.

That is to say that the Quraish and all Muslims should unify the worship of the Lord of the Kaabah, Allah because He made for us a secure sanctuary and the Sacred House. That house symbolizes the unity of all the people upon the pure human model that Allah made. We should celebrate the worship of Allah with devotional services for Him alone: excluding images, equals and idols.

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