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The Quraish and Their Security 106:1-4

For the love of the familiar Arab tribe in ancient Mecca and their traveling in caravans for contracts of trade during the changes of the four seasons of the year. Let them worship by submitting and obeying the Lord of the first home made for the worship of G-d. It is He Who provides means of nourishing substances to avoid hunger. Let them become one in worship as He has created for them a secure sanctuary. Worship is for G-d alone with no partners.

G-d provides sustenance and security for all His creation. However, the Quraish and place of the first house of worship (The Kabah) have special significance and favor from G-d. Allah’s last messenger, Prophet Muhammed, belonged to the tribe of Quraish who were the most renowned tribe of idol worshippers before one from among them re-introduced the worship of one G-d, and made the first house of worship established for all people sacred again.

Today, Mecca not only holds special significance for the people inhabiting the land of the ancient Quraish and the sacred house, but also for travelers who continue to bring trade to the city of Mecca and people continue to travel from around the world to perform acts of worship to the Lord of the House and for their own spiritual purification.


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