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Follow What? 30:29

Those who found cause to do harm, or the willingness to be exposed to risk and danger irregardless of the consequences, follow this behavior and are passionate concerning it.

Follower can be understood as a patron or part of the group or audience that is just tagging along. They may watch or even have an obtainable goal within their following. However, to be a follower of Muhammad the Prophet is totally different.The follower is committed to the goal or pursuit of which they have no freedom to change in its content, execution, or true nature. The support of the pursuit here is mandatory for the follower.

They incline mind, body and soul to the straying. They exercise this behavior to reach a reality desired, or so it is thought. They would have been guided unto faith and be of those who are successful. Consequently, the success upon this path is to the punishment of Allah.


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