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Passions Dominating Our Life 30:29

Those who cause harm and extend difficulties and obstacles pursue their unconscious behavior or moral corruption on their souls in straying from the truth without the understanding the universal reality of things. So, who can show you the right way to faith and success whom Allah caused to stray from the truth? There is no help in the prevention of Allah’s punishment.

When human beings allow their unconscious behavior and passions to dominate their life without following their intelligence first, then they have gone off the path that Allah wants. They submit to corruption, greed, arrogance, and moral degradation.

They inflict self- destruction by always chasing the “high”- be it, sex, drugs, pornography, or gambling, etc. and cannot achieve the level of success meant for them, so their lives become a living hell.

There is no escape from this until they balance the extreme passions with faith, morals and the good life.


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