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  • Rabbani Mubashshir

For the Soul's Sake 30:29

Those who are wrongdoers have caused harm to their own souls and exposed it to the punishment of G-d. This occurs when one pursues the weaker inclinations of the soul which causes them to stray from the right path. It is a straying without any awareness of the created reality of things.

So, who can show them the way to the life of faith and how they can reconcile the higher life with the worldly life? Whomever G-d allows to deviate there is none who can give guidance. With regards to one whom G-d issues a verdict concerning error, they will not have any supporters.

The wrong-doers are people whose sin is associating co-partners with G-d and thus G-d’s guidance is not intended for them and does not reach them. Consequently, they will only have what is dictated by the punishment of G-d.

The soul serves two vital functions in the life of human beings. It is the seat of our moral concerns and it influences our rational or intelligent decisions. The true state and health of our life are greatly influenced by what happens in our soul. Therefore, the intellect must seek knowledge that enlightens the soul and saves it from corruption or enslavement to low desires.


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