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Women Who Divorced 2:228

The divorced women, possessors of the menses, it is necessary that they remain and they bide their time before marriage after divorce three purification's or three menses as the legally prescribed period, in order that they confirm that the womb is not carrying anything. It is not permissible that another man marries them during this period until it ends. It is not permitted for them that they hide what Allah originated and created without a pattern existing before in the place of the fetus from the carrying of a child or the menses, if the divorced women are those who truly submit and trust in Allah and the Day of Standing.

The woman can read the period by seeing the blood, it begins when she sees it and it ends when she sees the blood again. The woman is freed by three menses and three periods of purification.

The womb of the woman is a sign of mercy as is the woman herself. The fetus's pain during its development is completely blocked out from its memory. The womb is also a sign of compassion and affection as is the woman. Those who come from the same womb speak of being from one blood. African Americans use the term "blood" to refer to each other coming from the same womb, Mother Africa.

Allah values our family relations. Prophet Muhammad (the prayers and the peace be upon him ) is reported to have said that divorce is the one thing that Allah permits but hates most. He does not like to see families broken up and end up struggling. What Allah has prescribed for us is best. A natural man wants to have a wife and children. Allah guides us to have good marriages and not to support the social life of modern society that gives dignity to the deliberate choice of single parent households and/or single individual households with no desire to marry.

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