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Understanding the Foundation Better 3:39

So the angels turned and faced him to speak a message while he was standing still in the room in the presence of Allah in the front of the place of worship. The angels informed him that the Creator will increase and extend good news of one who’s inner sensitivities will be of a well-mannered universal character. The Creator will bless you with a child, his name will be John. He will confirm and know the true reality of a word from the Creator - It is Jesus, son of Mary, upon him be the peace. John will be a noble leader among his people. To him will be a place of high station and chasity. He will restrain himself from the lust of women, harmful desires, and sinful deeds. The Creator has selected and chosen him from the righteous servants, those who reach their apex in prayer. According to the good news, our origin and our survival is in moral life.

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