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Transfer Acquisition of Land 7:100

Did He not make clear the transfer of acquisition for those who own and dwell in the earth without a contract, after the destruction of its previous residence because of their disobedience, in their travel as they moved about, that if we wish we could cause harm to them because of their sins and forbidden actions, as we did with their ancestors?

We locked and sealed to what applies to the validity of intelligence, so they will not obtain any good to enter it, and they do not sense and perceive with their ears a religious exhortation nor a reminder. The earth and all its resources are given to man to benefit all human society. There are governmental laws in this society that if you own the rights to land and not responsibly caring for or using it, is cause for it to be taken from you by eminent domain for a fair price. This sensitive act is therefore responsibly respecting the laws and rights of this shared freedom space in a good way, in accords with the Revelation of G-d’s Mercy, perhaps avoiding sin.


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