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Those Who Reach Their Apex in Righteousness 3:39

The angels called him while he was standing clearly before Allah performing prayer, in the front of the room, in the place of worship. Surely, Allah informs you with gratifying information that you are well pleased and that you will be blessed with a child named John. He will confirm with truth and reality a word from Allah – that it is, Jesus son of Mary, upon him the peace – and he, John, will be a virtuous leader to the people, excellent in religion, superior with intelligence and moral character. He will have an honorable position and high station and will not be sinful and will protect himself from the passions of women and harmful desires. Allah has chosen him from His service and inspired him with His laws from His revealed laws, and he will be a prophet from the righteous, those who reach his highest peak in righteousness. Above all people, the righteous family of Imran was among those most favored and chosen by Allah to be Prophets and leaders of society. Prophet Jesus, his mother Mary and Prophets John and his father Zakayriah were from this righteous family whose main responsibility was to secretly protect the moral life of the society. They were concerned with keeping corruption away from the righteous people by showing them their sensitive nature and righteousness so they would be able to use their perception of seeing and hearing to stand against corruption and survive the plots of satan.

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