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The People of Scripture 3:64

Say to those who gather around him, and to the rebellious People of Scripture, that are Jews and Christians, that you speak with clear intended speech, with the context that we worship only Allah. The conviction of faith only comes upon what consideration that they have made. The Muslim, Christian and the Jew should act justly and adhere to the word together. It distinguishes Allah without equal. This distinguishing profession to religion is penetrated deeply by their worship, some of them with obedience to Allah and others committing to idols with the same authority as Allah.

The Muslim bear’s submissiveness to our lord and accepts clear worship and call to the Jew’s and Christian’s rational minds, which influences the intelligence to turn to Him as a complete authority. Until the direction of the Jews and Christians is the same manner as that of the Muslim.

The influence is by rational sensory intelligence that is our insight and awareness of how we interpret, perceive, and interact with the world that filters through the five senses. They are hearing the clear speech but agree not to submit to the one G-d. Therefore, they move irrationally and respond accordingly based on their religious perception and conviction.

The root of their conviction in their two mixed religious authorities is by adhering to the influence of their perception of faith and causing confusion by their possession and association with false G-ds.

The Jews were favored to be the chosen people but failed, then the Christians also failed by moving toward spirituality and not giving the people the insight of the full development of life. G-d wants that life to prevail in society.

Then the plan was passed to the Muslim through Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). These three great religions were a plan and a full life was established for the believers in religion.

As Muslims, we are not to see Jews or Christians as our enemies. In Qu’ran the Christians are nearest to Muslims because of the closeness of their sincerity as we do in religion, that is love for G-d and the whole life. This behavior is decided on the strength of our faith and love for G-d, and this is the Christian attitude in religion too. We are not to see the Jewish people as being so far away from us that they are not to be considered as religious people doing good work and trying to please G-d. We all are good if we believe in G-d and if we believe in doing good toward ourselves and toward others. The Qu’ran references, “Whoever believes in G-d and does good works should have no fear and no grief,” meaning G-d is with them.

Muslims are not to take a self-righteous position in their religion where they think they are the only good people. Practicing “Interfaith,” continues G-d’s plan of gravitating the unity he requires in this society for the believers of the three great religions he created.


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