• Gloria Hasan

The Night Journey To Jerusalem the Blessed 17:1

Allah the Sublime is forming the elimination of anthropomorphic elements from the conception of deity and the glorification of God. Allah himself is exalted, and great is His prestige. Because of His Omnipotence, no one has rank over Him equally. There is no deity except Him, and not any lord equal to Him. He caused the obedient worshipper, His servant Muhammad, to journey during the night by body and spirit. Awakening, not sleeping in a bed, he travelled from the building surrounding the Kaaba to the sacred house erected by David, the peace be upon him. We created in it the virtuous, and the increase. Allah invoked blessings on the "sanctified house" in Jerusalem. He transformed around it into the green crops and the fruits and the like. He caused Muhammad to see by the eyes the signs and the lessons. And he made it a place for many of the prophets to witness the wondrous power of Allah, and proofs, and His Oneness. Surely Allah, highly glorified is He, is the hearer of the voices of all people. And He is the possessor of insight, acutely aware of all. He gives to everyone only that which he deserves in the life of this world and in the hereafter.


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