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  • Elus and Shukriyyah Abdul Salaam

The male and the female 3:36

3:36 And when the wife of Imran gave birth, she said: My Lord indeed, I have delivered a female. And G-d is the Best Knower of what she gave birth. The male is not like the female. Man is the form that enables the soul to preserve what it acquires from knowledge. Man includes male and female. Due to the physique of the female, and her giving birth and weaning the child, she spends years out of the main stream of the demands of social life. That puts her out of touch with the tough decisions required to run the society or thrive within society. Because of this, she is considered by many not to have the intellectual strength of the male. However, intellectually the female is equal to the male. The birth of the Prophet Jesus by the virgin Mary proves that the female also contains the male. And in today’s society, women are doing work traditionally reserved for men. This demonstrates that women not only can give birth, but can have an intellect comparable to men.


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