• Azzaam Sami

The Good Things 2:168

O humanity! receive and take possession of what is permissible among the pleasant and useful things provided in the earth, and do not follow behind Satan surely, he clearly harbors hatred for you and intends harm for you. G-d enjoins that only the non-restricted healthy things should be permissible to consume, but the permissible things can also become restricted if they are obtained unlawfully by theft, cheating, bribery, and the like. We do not want to profess righteousness and observe moral conduct and receive permissible things that were obtained illegally.

To practice that type of conduct is truly the work of Satan, the evil one. The one who wants to feed you with material that does not support a healthy mind and balance spirit. He or they only want to prevent you from developing your moral and spiritual life. So, do not follow him or them.

We are enjoined to eat of the good things that G-d has provided, which is also directed toward the things that are injurious to our health but are not restricted by law. Things like smoking, spoiled food or whatever. We should not deprive ourselves of the benefits that are available for us today, by imposing restrictions on ourselves. Denying ourselves the use of the wholesome luxuries, wealth and comforts that make our life easy. These benefits are permissible for us as long as we strive earnestly for that which is good and healthy, while being regardful of what G-d has provided for us. We are to maintain purity physically and spiritually.

In this day and time, we must be careful selecting brands of food, drink, and household chemicals that we use because of the adverse effect they can have on our well-being which can cause harm or long-term illness. G-d has prescribed His pattern upon creation and He has branded it with His pattern. Thus, the best brand is G-d’s brand that which He has made wholesomely permissible for our consumption.

The process of permissibility allows the individual to become sensitive to what G-d has allowed for the human person. We are to be responsible for an acceptable and permissible life and place it within the guidelines that G-d has established. We are obligated to be accountable for our own environment. We must work hard to make a contribution from our excellence to achieve progress in finance, industry, commercial business, and culture, it’s our responsibility.


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