• Yaya J. Fanusie

The Good News is in the Word of G-d 3:39

Then the angels turned to him to address him, standing still in the presence of Allah in the place of prayer, in the room in front of the place of worship, calling to him: “Allah informs you of news that delights you, that you will be blessed with a child. His name is John, confirming the truth and real facts, and confirming a word from Allah, Jesus, son of Mary, upon him be peace. He will be John, honorable, excellent in religion, intellect, and character. Among his people he has the place and the lofty station. His soul prevents him from women and lustful desires, he is not given to sin, greed and the harm. And Allah chose him from his servants and inspired him with the law, being of those reaching the peak of beautiful righteousness.” The word of G-d enlivens us and lifts us up. Prophet John was good news, confirming a universal message that would appeal to human sensitivities. We take in the word of G-d through hearing or through sight by reading. If we follow and live the word of G-d, we should be best in relating to all of humanity, enlivening others, helping them, and lifting them up.


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