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  • Salimah As-Sabur

The Evils of Slander 49-12

O you who submits and trusts in Allah and His messenger and works in accordance with His legitimate law! Distance yourselves from knowledge that is not confirmed, for knowledge without certainty in some cases is an offense worthy of punishment, that is evil by the believer. And, do not pursue what is hidden from the concerns of specific men among you, and not examine thoroughly concerning the faults of the believers, nor mention anything evil in their absence, and do not call one another what you would hate, behind someone's back. Are you content to eat the flesh of your brother who has lost his life? It is an abomination! But, you hated it; you would hate it if done in your absence. So, fear Allah in what He has commanded and prohibited for and bring about protection from punishment for yourselves. Allah is much forgiving upon His worshiping believers and grants serenity.


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