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  • Steven A. Shakir

The Birth of the Thinker 3:36

So, when the mother of Mary gave birth, she said My Lord surely, I gave birth to a female, and Allah was more knowledgeable with what she gave birth to and the male is not like the female. Male and female are each a sign, symbol, or a figure of speech, in which a word, an object, or an idea is used in place of another. What is this term male and female addressing? The male is the opposite of the female, the male is addressing the ability to think and reflect, and the female is addressing the ability to sense by the sight, hearing, taste, smell, and feeling. The individual has one ability represented in the female, the ability to sense, to perceive, become aware of something, and another ability represented in the male, the ability to think about what the individual is sensing. These abilities are not just restricted to the male or to the female. They are a sign of what is in both the physical male and the physical female. In the natural world, the females are normally, physically smaller, and weaker than males. Though they are considered smaller and weaker, they give birth to the males. The females’ whole system is preparing them to become mothers, and they are tied down with the young children for a number of years. They are not free to develop or interact with the creation. This makes their physical muscles and their mental muscles weaker than the males who are free from these restrictions. The picture you are seeing in the representation of the physical females are wombs that give birth to that which is stronger. When you relate that picture to society, the females are not the leaders or rulers in society, but they give birth to the leaders or rulers in society. And the first form of society is a society that is moved by the five senses represented in the sign of the female (society). We can see in our society today this picture, the majority of the people are only concern with food, clothing, shelter, mates, and children no different than the animal’s society. But when the woman (society) gives birth to the man (the thinker) he starts to transform his environment which develops into a civilization. During and after slavery the African American male was addressed as a boy no matter how old the male was. Some people still look at the African American as boys, because they do not see the male (thinker) ruling over and transforming our community. The African American community is given its leaders by the media, Hollywood, the sports world, and those leaders are more female, the senses, than male, the thinker. So, leaders can only be aware of problems without solutions. Boys do not solve problems; boys can only wait for men to give them instructions. So, we are seen as a community always appealing to the established society to do something about our community conditions. But Allah is more knowledgeable of what the Nation of Islam community gave birth to. From this community was born a male (a thinker) Imam W.D. Mohammed, one who was able to dip into the pool of knowledge in the soul, and he started the process of transformation of the African American community. He is indeed successful who spends on the soul and causes it to grow, and he is indeed a failure who neglects it and causes the soul to degenerate.


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