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  • Latifah F. Waheed Wangara

Terms of Equity 3:64

Say to the adherents of revelation, come together, listen pay attention to an important word with context clarified and obvious. And agree to act justly and not deviate, mix, make plural, join partners, associates or put anything on the same level as equals with Allah. We worship and serve Allah Only. We are not to influence one another, to make lords or masters, some over others.

Prophet Muhammed addressed those who assembled and gathered around him, the Muslims, Jews, Christians, polytheists and idol worshippers, informing them of their obligation to be just, preserve true correct worship and devotion to Allah Who is unmatched and without equal. Prophet Muhammed not only addressed those near him, he sent emissaries to the leaders of Persia, Roman empire and other nations inviting them to terms of equity in worship.

We do not make a likeness of ourselves and give that imitation god a share in worship of Allah. The anthropomorphic or representation of The Creator in human form is not equitable nor acceptable, because it gives the one whose physical form is used as the model or representative of Allah The Creator a false sense superiority by their mere physical form as specially chosen over others. This misunderstanding has caused and continues to cause society great harm.

We are to come to the powerful position that we do not confuse or mix our worship with anything, it should be pure. It is not accepted that associates or partners have a share with Allah, there is no other being sharing with Allah the rule over creation. We worship and serve Allah Alone.


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