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  • Vickie L Bashir

Temporary Ownership 7:100

Is it not clear guidance to those who own property in the earth, after the destructions of its preceding people, if we had the mind, we could procure them with harm, due to their disobedience, like what we did to their predecessors, and we put a lock and a seal upon their absolute validity for the intelligence, because the truth does not enter it, and they do not sense with their ears so that they don’t comprise any good?

We know that “civilized” man will go among the “uncivilized” or weaker man and take their land from them. This has happened throughout history and it is tolerated by most of humanity because it usually results in a better situation for all of mankind. Therefore, when this transfer of property occurs, by force, the “civilized” man’s heart has been sealed and he doesn’t sense that he is doing anything wrong.


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