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Sensitivities Developed by The Word of G-d 3:39

The angels were facing and speaking to him and he was standing still in the room which is in front of the place of worship performing the prayer: Surely Allah informs you with gratifying news of a son and his name is John, confirming the truth and reality of the material world from Allah and it is Jesus, son of Mary, peace be upon him. He will be living honorable among his people.

For him will be a place and elevated station. And he will be superior in the religion, intellect and character and forbidding his soul from women and lust. Allah chose him for His service and inspired upon him law from His Law. He will be a Prophet like those who reached his peak in righteousness and excellence.

When leaders don’t have moral sensitivities developed by the word of G-d, their words can influence the society and take us into an ugly, hard and oppressive society that will punish us with pain and misery, not mercy.

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