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Reconciliation is Best 4:128

If a wife is aware of danger coming from her husband and there is disagreement and rejection and the sacred boundary in the marriage has been transgressed by either of them, they should dually resolve the conflict between themselves through reconciliation, which is better than the bad disposition that may be hidden in their souls. But if their intent is to get the best benefit and perfect what is more excellent and beautiful by adhering to being more conscious of Allah, then indeed know that Allah is well acquainted with whatever is done.

There is a lot of beauty in a natural marriage between the pair of a husband and wife until a husband's uncheck ego rises out of control and causes discontent. This can make the woman say “houston” there's a problem. His ego thus can become a terrible ally for supporting family life, thus the spirit and the conscience to keep the family on the right and healthy course is lost.

The Qur’an shows that women were given their rights by Allah approximately 1,449 years ago. Thus today we have the term “Women's Rights”. A wife has rights when her husband rises up and omits her from sharing the bed. This abuse leads to mistrust and neglect and destroys the longevity of the marriage and family life. His immature vain thinking can cause separation, especially when he is having his girlfriends to share the bed as though the grass is better and greener on the other side” in a cesspool of adultery. It has been said that you never miss your water until your well runs dry, you never miss your baby until she says bye bye.

Upon reflection and realizing his error, that it was not in the best interest to cheat on his wife, he then might want to make terms for peace. After all, human beings are formed with a natural disposition and propensity for reconciliation with their Lord where the emotions embrace reasoning and where reasoning embraces emotion. Too many leaders are afraid to speak on this need in us for freedom and reconciliation with our Lord.


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