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Reconciliation 4:128

And if a woman is frightened or anticipates discomfort on the part of her mate; due to dissension and distancing or staying away. There is no crime on them if they eliminate the distaste between them, and to eliminate discord is better.

The husband is the male among the two mates. The male as known in society is to be the provider and maintainer of the woman, when the two are joined in marriage. If she experiences discord or ill-treatment on the part of her husband, then they should result to mending their conflict before distancing themselves from each other.

Ill-treatment on the part of the husband can destroy the sense of harmony and quality treatment that they have toward one another. It would be better to reconcile than for the husband to go out seeking someone who is more desirable and pleasing to his eyes. To turn away or desert someone is an act of leaving, and any distancing can cause offensive disagreements which can lead to discord creating hostility.

Thus, if hostile circumstances occur then they should separate until matters between them are settled in order to avoid divorce. Divorce, legal separation is abhorred in Scripture and should be avoided if there is means for reconciliation. G-d has created the human being with a natural disposition for reconciliation. To reconcile and eliminate discord is better than dissolving the marriage relationship.

Marriage is a sacred institution in Scripture. A healthy marriage is the foundation for developing healthy social relationships which lead to a healthy society. There is no harm if the two reunite to strengthen the family especially if children are involved. It makes it easier for the both of them to maintain and care for the children, and much better for the child’s growth and development.

As husband and wife if we respect the word of G-d in Scripture, we will have a saving force for reconciling our marriage relationships. We should not disregard G-d, nor should we fail to remember that He is above our marriage. We should consult what is in Scripture before taking drastic steps that will bring about consequences that will affect our children, our families, and us as individuals.


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