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Reconciliation 4:128

And if a woman is frighten and is caused to be down by her mate in an unfriendly relationship or alienation, then there is no excuse on both of them that they end the relationship between their souls. For this is a better solution and settlement is best.

In today's society, marriages are more readily acceptable to divorce than ever before. Many men and women do not take on the responsibility of family life seriously through the understanding of scriptures from Al-Mighty G-d. Many are quick to say "that's it " I am out- gone", leaving the wife or vise- verse. Many don't even seek counseling.

There are times when men and women are given time to work things out with their differences. They may seek counseling with family,friends,reglious leaders or professional counsellors to help resolve the issues.They have also been given the right to take each other back after mutual agreements have been settled. But when there is no mutual agreement, then their should not be any ill hatred, animosity or desertion done by the other. We should always seek the peace.

G-d loves what is just and equitable among both souls. He has created everything in pairs-male and female. But also it is called twin forces, the spiritual force and the physical force. These forces should be operating mutually together in the spiritual life and also corresponding to the material life for the advancement of the whole life.


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