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Polygamy Protected Wives 4:3

If you are frightened and anticipated something hateful to cause you to not be able to act with justice towards the ones who lost their fathers and have not matured of the women that are under your control; by not giving them their dowry like other than them, then relinquish them, and marry what seems good to you of the women from other than them: two or three or four.

But if you are afraid and dread something hateful that cause you to omit the justice by accepting the increase of more wives; so that you do not act equally between them, then be satisfied with only one, or in what is close to you under your guardianship. That which was made legitimate for you are the orphan girls and wives of one to four, the limitation of one, or that which you possess to control in the right hand is nearer to the avoidance of injustice from oppression and wrongdoing.

Polygamy support women and children with dignity in the Muslim society however, the conditions are so strict that most Muslim men have only one wife. The more burden we bring on ourselves, the less we have to offer our loved ones. Husbands and wives must work together to honor the marriage ties and uphold G-d’s goodness in society.

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