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Mixing Partners with G-d 3:64

Tell the people, especially those mentioned as followers of the Abrahamic faiths that agree on the just and impartial written words that Allah provided us. Those words that state we worship none other than the one G-d and don't associate anyone or anything with Him in our minds. Those of us who believe should come together and not mix deities with Him and make no exceptions. We may not intend to do this but our thoughts and actions contradict what we profess. All of us are blessed with a sensory organ known as the brain that we use to process information. Our eyes and ears receive observed facts that feed our minds and hearts. Our intelligence instead of emotions should guide us. Idol worshipping is a major problem nowadays. We are greatly influenced by people because of their title, power and authority. Many accomplished inspirational speakers can motivate us to do acts that are irrational. We unconsciously and unintentionally make them Lords in our lives and they manipulate the weak and ignorant. When the truth is presented to people they refuse to accept it. This can be clearly seen today with the concepts of racism, white supremacy and visual depictions of divinity. Politicians, powerful people and preachers greatly influence us. People love and serve them in the manner that G-d should be revered. Religious leaders are also placed on this pedestal. This worship and mixing of partners with the Creator is a grave offence. It is an adultery of the mind and the worst oppression when people use it to take advantage of others. Man has a natural desire to worship and serve. The one who has created us is the only one worthy of our worship.


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