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  • Abdul-Lateef Sabir

Mercy 6:12

Say, To whom belongs what is in the firmaments and the earth. Say, to Allah, he has obligated upon himself forgiveness exceedingly. Surely, he will bring you together on equal footing for the day he resurrect mankind from their graves, about which there is no uncertainty. As for those who have forfeit, ruin and not benefited their souls, they will not submit and give consent. G-d mentions mercy in the Qur’an 2:178, where he says in part, he has prescribed retribution for the murdered. But if pardon is given, that is the easing of tension from your Lord and a mercy. The human soul is delicate like a woman. When it is mistreated, it cries out like a woman that is unappreciated for her work and contributions. The African American today, is like that crying soul that has been mistreated and unappreciated for a long time. Looking at the most recent three shootings of African Americans, most have protested peacefully and some destructively, but both with the aim to realize their G-d given right to legal retribution. In the Charleston Church shooting, justice and mercy was achieved. The shooter was arrested and the family gave pardon to the shooter. However, for many it feels like a new day. Never before in African American protesting, have we seen White Americans join the protest, in large numbers across the country and the world. In some cases, outnumbering the African Americans. G-d says he created us from one soul and in Qur’an 18:81, he speaks about replacing one with another “nearer to affection.” So it appears, more and more of those who dislike African Americans, are being replaced more and more by those nearer in affection to the African Americans. If G-d ruled with only justice, no human being would be left on earth. G-d embraces everything in wisdom and mercy. We must not separate the two. When judging, it must be done with justice and mercy. All justice and no mercy, invites cruelty. All mercy and no wisdom, invites a sick permissiveness that gives freedom to everything. For the African American, it is about establishing that proper balance the way G-d intended. Legal retribution to those police officers who abuse their power, hence justice. But don’t indict the entire police force of innocent officers, hence mercy.


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