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Merciful Reading of the Womb 2:228

And the divorced women who still possess the menses, it is obligatory that they wait and stay away from a new marriage contract after the pronouncement of the divorce for an interval of three cleanings or three menstruation's over the course of the waiting period.

This is to insure that there is empty space in the uterus. It is not lawful for them that they hide from the one that they were joined with, what Allah has produced and originated without a previous example existing before, in the place for holding the fetus pertaining to pregnancy or menses. This will demonstrate that she is of the truthful divorced women, who sincerely concede voluntarily to Allah, and the Day of Resurrection.

Allah the Merciful Benefactor values and holds precious our family relations. Divorce is the one thing that He permits, but hates most. Once the husband and the wife divorce and leave each other, the family is not the same. We encourage reconciliation regardless of the results of the merciful reading of the womb.

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