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Man’s Reconciliation Towards His Wife 4:128

And if a woman is terrified and expects unpleasant things from her husband and any distance or alienation or rejection, then there is no sin on both of them that they calm down the conflict between them. An elimination of the discord is more excellent. And the souls do not hide their disposition for greed. But if you come with the intentions to work for the benefit of excellence and seek to be conscious of G-d, then indeed, G-d has exact knowledge of what you do.

The challenges that we have in respecting the role of man and woman or husband and wife must begin in consulting scripture. Our relationships should be seen as two halves coming together to make a whole not as being superior over the woman. Men are the support or maintainers for women and this requires a man to be strong. The leaving of the residence or neglect of her upkeep and intimate relations for no excuse other than her physical appearance, this shows his immaturity in understanding his role and responsibility. The male and the female coming together in a partnership represents a degree of government. No relationship for human beings is perfect because human beings are not perfect. We have to mate to reproduce ourselves because we are incomplete. Even as a society we can never be perfect. Only G-d is perfect. Only G-d is complete.

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