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Human Sensitivity 3:39

The angels faced him and addressed him, as he was standing in the presence of Allah praying in the front of the room which is the place of worship. They called to him, that Allah informs you of information that pleases you, that you will be blessed with a child his name is John, he confirms the truth and reality from Allah, Jesus, the son of Mary on him be peace. He will be superior in religion, intelligence and character among his people. For him is a high station. He restrains himself from women and harmful desires. Allah chose him from his servants and inspired him with his revealed law. He is pious among those who arrive at his apex in piety John represents human sensitivities that protect us as well as registers our human concerns and emotions. Those among us who lose our human sensitivity become hard or stone hearted, incapable of registering the needs and suffering of others in our community.


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