• Steven A. Shakir

Human Destiny 22:78

And you are commanded to fight against the sickness of misrepresenting the religion of Allah. You are to fight with sincere, undivided dedication against rejecting what Allah wants. He has chosen and selected you and He did not give, impose, or establish limitations on you in lawfulness, compliance, and connections to Him and His worship. This is the destiny of your father Abraham. When you misrepresent the religion of Allah, your life under your authority causes problems for you. The struggle is to bring your life to conform to what Allah wants. Allah has revealed His message to His servants, the Prophets, so that you may gain access to the nearness to Him. You have been given a demonstrator to show you the excellent life that Allah wants for you.

Allah has chosen and selected you which means that you have the ability, the capacity, and the potential to rise to great heights. Allah has put it in every person this purity and excellence, but you have to submit your whole self to conform to what He wants. Prophet Abraham was successful in bringing his whole life to conform to what Allah wants. That is why you follow the destiny of Prophet Abraham, which was established by Mohammed the Prophet.

All your aspirations, your hopes, and your goals should not just be a destiny for the spirit or for the soul but for the whole life. Most people in religion just focus on the rituals of a particular faith, which is just a small aspect of community life, but the destination is when a man comes to know himself as a creation of Allah, and then he will know the destiny for his life. Mohammed the Prophet established that destiny, which is community life, and so it is called the community of Mohammed the Prophet.


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