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  • Abdul-Aziz and E.Nadiyah Uqdah

Honor In Marriage 4:128

If a woman dreads and is frightened from her mate’s quarrels and distancing or rejection, then no unrighteousness is upon them that they calm down and have a preference for the best results of the soul.

G-d has required both people in a marriage to sign a contract between them. The agreement reminds them of their devotion to one another and G-d’s ordinance in the Qur’an. However, along the way, things can become fogged-up when the husband finds himself distracted by other transactions that are causing a rift within the boundaries. Problems that have taken his mind off the spouse as his center of attention, causing the wife to feel neglected.

The doubt has commenced, her logical questioning starts about the union. She asks you about the written/spoken words, that bonded you both in the beginning. Your partner wants you to make her feel better about your unwarranted behavior. She wants you to reassure her that your distractions are not weighing hard on your mental, spiritual, physical, and financial vows to her.

She is asking you to honor your commitment to the marriage. Or do something to give her comfort about the unionization between you. Your other half is making sure you are genuine on what you stipulated in the formal arrangements you both agreed upon in the first place in front of G-d. If not, then she wants clarification on what you intend to do to make her feel secure, whether you decide to leave or stay. Do you blame her, who wants to be left hanging?


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