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Good Seeds 3:36

So when she gave birth to a female child and she said, “My Lord I gave birth to a female child!” Allah has greater, more knowledge with what she birthed. The male is not like the female!

Some trees stand tall and upright. Some trees stand tall and upright and bear fruit. They do not grow as tall, so they are different, diverse, and wondrous and still a tree! “Progression of growth and influences”.

Some identify letters in Qur’anic Arabic language as weak letters and they can do so much!

G-d has created every individual to be a leader. How do you treat yourself?

How do you treat your parents? How do you treat your children? How do you treat your property? Are You Being Responsible? Proper education is an obligation on the male child and the female child.

The male germ doesn't give the child its form independent of its mother.

Thinkers and Thinkers with Wombs.


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