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  • Elus and Shukriyyah Abdul Salaam

Good News 3:39

As he stood still in the presence of G-d in the place of His worship praying to Him. The angels addressed to him the message: G-d informs you with news that delights you. And it is that you will be blessed with a child whose name will be John. He acknowledges a word from G-d by means of the Truth and the reality - it is Jesus son of Mary, Peace be on him - and John is outstanding in religion, intellect and character among his people, for him is high position and high station. And his soul was a hindering from women and carnal appetites, he does not bring forward misdeeds or harmful desires. And G-d chose him for his acts of devotion and or living up to the revealed Law of Islam, chosen from among the excellent ones, those who reached his apex in righteousness.

Like the angels, Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him, also delivered good news from G-d to his people. But he had human sensitivities like the people to whom he gave G-d’s message. We are now living in the reality of G-d’s Word reintroduced to the world by Prophet Muhammad. People are being brought back to the right path by G-d’s Truth. People in mental darkness respond to the Truth if goodness is in them. We are witnessing this all over the world. We see it especially here in the USA, with the spread of the coronavirus. It is forcing people to cooperate with each other to save lives and to defeat the evil politics of some governments, all made possible by the word of G-d.


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