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G-d's Test For Humanity 2:214

Or did you believe that you should get to take possession or seize the garden of paradise filled with all kinds of trees, fruits and flowing streams, while there has not arrived any bearing a likeness to the marvelous examples of the believers who expired from this life before you? They were wounded, touched by necessity and stressful misfortunes, and the agonizing strains of poverty, sickness and suffering were on them. As a result, they became frightened and disturbed until the delegate with instructions on the religion ordered those who believed with him to stand upright.

G-d promised the true believer who faithfully serves and shows patience throughout all trials of adversity His help. Among the true believers are those who suffered trials and tribulations, so patiently persevere as those that came before you patiently persevered.

There should never be any doubt as to where help comes from for the true believers! Help can only come from the One True G-d. If G-d opens a way to help you, then no false god has power to overcome you! And those who yielded and pronounced along with him said: “When comes relief and confirmation from G-d?” For your patience, G-d brought forth His promise. Certainly, G-d’s help is always near!

Mankind was created by G-d and entered this life knowing nothing! Then G-d blesses him to learn and experience worldly ideas, which stirs him to wonder over G-d’s marvelous creation, and then he thinks he is the possessor of his own knowledge and experiences. G-d’s beautiful garden of natural vegetation and trees, fruits and flowing streams has been prepared for humanity to enjoy. Yet without performing any work or experiencing any hardship demonstrating worthiness to enter into this beautiful situation, man thinks it should be his to occupy and control. In the beginning, humanity appreciated G-d’s favors and obeyed G-d’s laws to care for creation.

Today mankind has become withdrawn and obstinate in obeying G-d’s laws governing creation. This verse reminds mankind to learn from previous generations that have passed from this life. When difficulties arise, humanity should learn patience and exercise creative actions. It is important to review and ask the question, how did past communities confront unjust and inhumane treatment from those charged with authority over them? Hope is faith extending a hand from the past. Failure to seek answers and initiate a plan of action diminishes an opportunity for growth and healing. This is a day that the past and present generations hoped would come. The day our ancestors, their parents and children have prayed for, who suffered and patiently accepted the cruel hatred from others in hope of being treated as human beings.

Tests are meant to make humanity strong and resilient for future trials and tribulations and imply a chance for failure. How humanity handles and learns from each test is important for survival in this life. When the believer is touched with distresses of sickness, hardship and adversity, it is a way to turn mankind back to G-d’s straight path of truth and righteousness. The world is in turmoil and humanity is distressed as to what is happening. Mothers are patiently praying and asking G-d for help with answers that are plaguing communities around the globe. Am I next? The loud voices of unity crying out from among people of all ethnicities and religions for G-d’s help. Am I next to hear that my son was killed while sitting in his car? The voices ask for help from being killed, excluded, injured and the pain of affliction mounts until surrounded by protests. Am I next to get a call that my daughter was shot and killed while sleeping in her bed? Protesters’ active attainment for change has shaken the foundation of the social order in our history.

Shackles have been taken from our necks and tied to unjust laws written to keep us behind prison bars. The responsibility is upon each of us to rid ourselves from all elements holding us from moving our lives forward. With help and guidance, mankind must actively plan, save, build and structure their lives to please the One True Creator of humanity! It was done in 1865 with the freeing of slaves; in 1888 with the first Black owned Bank; with Black Wall Street in 1900; voter rights in 1965; the emerging of W. D. Muhammad leading the Religion of Islam to become a norm in the United States of America in 1975; and it can be done again with faith and help from G-d.

It’s a new day and G-d has promised to those who believe and hold patience His help. If G-d opens a way to help you, then none has power to overcome you! G-d’s help is for every patient human being who has in all moments of good and bad days endured the test of time. So proclaim to the faithful that G-d’s promise has arrived and help is already beside you! Clearly, the true believers have won G-d’s victory!


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