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  • Nashid Rushdan

G-d's Help Is Always Near 2:214

Did you consider that you will get to enter the garden that embodies trees, rivers, and fruits while there has not yet happened to you an amazing comparison like that which came to those who expired before you? The believers are those who calmly endured hardship like the calmness of those who came before them. They desired relief from calamities like the stress of poverty, illness and pain that reached, overtook, unsettled and disturbed them.

The affliction was so disturbing to their inner nature that it increased their level of hardship. Both the representative in spiritual matters and those believers who are obedient along with him said, “When will the aid and support of G-d come?” The forces of help they were promised to receive from G-d slowly came to them. Now, surely G-d’s help is always present. G-d’s help always opens the victory that comes.

Some people fail to see and recognize G-d’s help because they have put a false material picture of what help is in their mind. This causes them to miss seeing all the continuous help that G-d provides to them each second of their lives such as protecting them while they are asleep. Comparing the indigenous African American community to other ethnic communities, we are in a worse condition due to the psychological effects of slavery that we have been carrying for generations. In 2020, we are still psychologically tied to depending on our material wealth to come from the former slave master until we cannot see G-d’s help.

If we compare our material wealth during the period of slavery to 2020, our condition is far better than what it was during slavery. If the indigenous African American would start looking through the lens of our natural mind or our first mind as it is called, we would see that G-d is constantly helping us. Then we can advance as other ethnic communities are advancing in this world. We will become sharing producers and contributors in the global marketplace versus continuing to be consumers of other peoples’ material products. By the indigenous African American people recognizing G-d’s help in real time 2020, we can compete with other groups and be a witness bearer that G-d’s help is always near.


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