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Fornication & Adultery 17:32

Do not perform a sexual act with a woman who you are not lawfully married to. Shame, and a repulsive, arousing, intense, and disgusting demoralized state is waiting for you when you do not take the necessary precautions.

I have heard African Americans say “there is no shame in my game.” This bad language creates a misguided behavior which alters the human being’s original, good nature. You start thinking no one should tell you what to do and you should be able to do whatever you please. This altered thinking does not conform to the boundaries of accepted, established standards of morality.

Muhammad, the Prophet said: Among the words people obtained from the first prophecy are: If you feel no shame, then do as you wish. When a person has no shame, they don’t hear a word you say. They cannot even hear the core of their soul speaking to them.

Fornication and adultery are the compulsive dispositions outside of the lawful contract of marriage. The shameful path spoken of in this verse blinds the outer perimeters of the soul, and the human flesh is driven by the pleasure principle that belongs to the animal kingdom. But when you follow the straight path of Allah, it will take you to higher levels of development for your mind, spirit and soul. Thus, you will follow the true guidance that is not in opposition to your original nature.

A married man who is a lawyer, for example, who meets with women behind closed doors is creating a situation for adultery. He has put himself in a situation for inviting flirtation and then finding reasons to be with one of the women. Once he has sexual intercourse with her, the oppression of his soul will not allow him to register how it will hurt and affect his family. Especially if he puts things out of his mind that bother his conscience.

This action can create psychological bondage in the mind of his children that he may not be aware of. This act of indecency is destroying the basis for the institution of family life in which the whole society has been built upon.


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