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Follow the Way of Prophet Ibrahim (Millah) to Pay The Debt 22:78

Fight against skepticism for the debt owed to Allah, devoting all your efforts to the perfect fulfillment of the struggle against ingratitude and disbelief. Allah has chosen you and commanded steadfastness in the revealed spiritual law, the religion of our Father Ibrahim, and He ordained the willful obedience and worship of Him without distress.

It is Allah who chooses from among mankind the Believers and selects a simple, disciplined way of life without the imposition of difficulties. So, if you are a Believer in Allah, consider yourself to be chosen and highly favored. When someone gives you gifts and favors, it is only reasonable to reciprocate with gratitude. Allah needs nothing from us, but it is only intellectually sound that we show our gratefulness with sincere love, devotion and obedience to Him.

Life’s journey is full of trials and tests and Allah shows this to us in scripture through examples of His Prophets. See how difficult the trials of Prophet Ibrahim were. Allah tells us that we cannot say we believe and not be tried. Therefore, be remindful of this as we experience the trials of this COVID-19 virus. This is the day of religion and Allah is bringing humanity together to resolve this worldly problem. They are looking for answers. Use this trial to draw closer to Allah by staying the course.

Reflect upon the examples that Allah has sent forth. Follow the good guidance that He provided through the scientists and sound leaders, and keep remembrance of Him. Life is inclined toward overcoming struggles. Therefore, the Believers should make every effort to fight any skepticism or doubt about our faith and adhere to the guidance given to us in revealed scripture, The Qur’an. When we follow the way of Prophet Ibrahim, being upright, having sincere devotion and showing gratitude through obedience to The One G-d, we will be successful.


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