• Nimat Bilal

Evolving the Free'd Slave 49:13

We originated and created you as male and female, unique in your existence, exhibiting both individualistic and social orientation, that you will become acquainted and accepting of each other. Though your affiliations will lead to preferences among your groups and the inheritance of wealth, the best of you in status are those who are best in conduct.

Animals of different kinds do not get to know each other except to acquire territory, to eat or to protect themselves from being eaten. Therefore, they are unable to evolve beyond their circumstances. A sign of this is that they keep the same appearance and behaviors for generations. For this reason, It is logical that their condition doesn't change.

A similar example is the African American and our unchanging condition. We should ask ourselves, “What people of another kind have we familiarized ourselves with and welcomed in order to evolve ourselves? We watch while other races and groups create affiliations and alliances while we sulk hoping that someone will just accept us. This is the behavior of an orphan or a child who has lost a parent, hoping that someone will accept him while unable to offer anything in return.

This shows that we are stuck in a self-oriented mindset and have not developed our social skills well enough to initiate interest with people who are not like us. Perhaps we need to figure out what we have to offer and then get to know another people in order to come out of our generational condition.

In fact, the slave master himself understood this idea though he used it to his own benefit. The difference is that he did it like an animal, in search of territory and prey, preferring his own children and granting his inheritance to them alone. In this he deceived himself into thinking that he had evolved when in fact he had reverted himself into an animal.

The originator of these ideas reminds us that our preferences and wealth are not what grants us the highest status. This position is reserved for those of us who are best in conduct.


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