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  • Marlon K. Brownlee

Everything Believers Do is for G-d 6:162

Say - Oh Messenger - to these polytheists: Surely my lawful worship,

its words and deeds beginning with the glorification and ending with the

salutation, and my sacrifice - that is to say, my sacrifice to Allah

alone, not to the idol, not to the dead, not to the jinn and not to

other than that which you sacrifice to other than Allah and upon other

than his name as you do - and my life and my death are for Allah (the

Most High), the Lord of the categories of creation.

In everything that we do, we face choices. Whenever we make a decision,

we are sacrificing whatever value was in the path not chosen. In every

decision we make, we should be regardful of G-d and choose what He wants

us to do. We should not base our decisions merely on our passions such

as greed and fear. Nor should we make choices based on emotions or our

own thinking if we have not consciously put those completely in the

service of G-d.

By choosing to forgo some alternatives and choosing to obey G-d instead,

we may be sacrificing some value but are also choosing a higher value -

the acceptance of our regardfulness by G-d.

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