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Divorced Women 2:228

And divorced women who possess menses shall wait or delay themselves from marriage. It is necessary that they wait for a period of three purifications or three menses, which is the legal prescribed period. This is to confirm that what they are carrying in their wombs is empty from pregnancy. It is not permissible for them to marry another man until after they wait three periods or until they are clean. If a woman is pregnant with new life, they may decide not to get a divorce. However, if the marriage relationship has irreconcilable differences and bad habits of character have not changed, then divorce is permitted.

The womb is a mercy from Almighty G-d in forming the life of society. This mercy is also a sign of closeness, compassion, tenderness or kinship in the relationship. Therefore, if the divorced women who are trustworthy and truthful, they are those who believe in Allah and the Day of Standing.


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