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  • Abdul-Aziz and E.Nadiyah Uqdah

Choices 2:168

Oh, you sons and daughters of Adam! Take what’s permitted and deemed lawful and sound in the land. Do not traverse the path of Satan. Surely the Devil is evil, which is unmistakable and self-evident to you. Is there a difference between the shopper and those providing the shopping environment? There are big chain stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, etc., that are mostly owned by people in the secular world here in America. They all sell alcohol and pork products, yet most Muslims here go to those places and shop for their daily needs, passing by those forbidden items that are sold there. Some Muslims tell themselves to use logic to permit them to shop in those stores and that they will not shop in the isles that are not designated by religious instruction for Muslim consumption and will only buy legal stuff. We also have some mom-and-pop stores owned by Muslims whose markets are in communities that are predominantly “African-American” and they are aware that most of the people that they sell to have secular mentalities. They sell alcohol and pork products in order to cater to most of those people's disposition to consume those things. However, those mom-and-pop stores owned by Muslims knew the demographics of those communities beforehand and that was the reason they chose those locations to set up shop. Instead of trying to be competitive with other Muslim-owned stores in their own communities, they decided otherwise. Since we all belong to the human race, what went wrong with those Muslims who did not invite those secular-minded people in those communities to a better intellect? They know how wrong it is to consume alcohol and pork. Why not show that it is not right by not selling those products in their stores? Could it be illegal money the Muslim store owners are hunting? Do not be pompous and think that those people would just buy those products from someone else if not from you. You Muslim store owners know the difference between the correct products for the mind and soul as opposed to harmful products through the recitation of your Qur’an. Shouldn't you choose right over evil and where you spend or make your money?


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