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Changed By The Fire 57:14

They will address them entering the fire. They will say, were we not with you? They will say yea, verily you mislead and deceived yourselves, waited and doubted yourselves of what people desire to wish for or be covetous of everything until the threatened punishment of G’d comes. That is to say, things that turn you away from Him and anyone that is deceived by wealth or is greed, and people or satan.

The entering of gold to the fire so that it will manifest its excellence from its ruin is the likeness of having someone taste being placed in the fire from their long suffering that is to say , their suffering from what’s forbidden, meaning your fitnat is your punishment which is causing you to come out shining like gold.

Look at the African Americans. They are not deprived of owning fine automobiles. We see these cars in our neighborhoods and what glitters of this world such as gold necklaces, diamond rings and money to show off. Because of the desire for these things many African Americans can hardly stay in one place for six months due to bills driving them on to another location just because they put the immediate things above the end.

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