• Aameehah Al Amin

Blood Issues 2:228

And divorce women possessor of menses, that they must wait and remain without marriage, after the divorce, a period of three purifications or three menses upon the course or period, in order that they confirm the empty space in the womb, from the caring. And it is not permissible for them that another man marry them durning this time, until it ends.And the closure of a secret, is not lawful for what Allah brought into existence without it being a pervious example, a place for the fetus for them of the caring or the menses, if she is a divorce woman, submits and trust in Allah and the Day of Standing.

The womb is a place where life begins, of which requires affection, compassion and tenderness. A place of kinship comes out of one womb, and they are tied together by the blood of family, growing and developing into communities, and connecting to societies.Neglect of family life brings misery, and until we understand that the life blood of family is holding together, working together and being truthful, only then we will be able to form and develop into a beautiful and peaceful family, community and society.


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