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A Wom(b)man's Home 2:228

Divorced women who possess the menses are required to remain and wait before marrying again and after being divorced for an interval of three cleanings or three menstruation's by way of the period. This is in order that they confirm that their womb is void of carrying. It is not permissible for them to marry another man in this period until it ends. It is not lawful for them that they hide what Allah has produced and originated without a previous example existing before, in the place of the embryo pertaining to carrying or menstruation, if it be that the divorced women are those who submit and speak the truth in regards to Allah and the day of standing.

The blood ties are cultivated by the egg and sperm in the womb that eventually become the family members of the home. In both the womb and the home, growth and development must occur in order to establish and preserve the blood ties. When this process is abandoned in either case, it causes heightened emotions, disruption and pain due to blood loss. If blood is what ties you to the family, blood loss is indicative of the potential for loss in the family ties. Regarding divorce, the Qur’an states that there should be a waiting period of three readings (Quraa) to get an honest determination of what has accumulated in the womb. Will this bleeding lead to loss or will something be conceived that will stop the bleeding and bring about new life? Both the womb and home environments are to be read. At this time, everything should be bought out in order that the environment can be purged and cleaned. Every month women are reminded of their honorable position as the Care Taker of the womb and should see this as a sign that it should be carefully guarded, as well as the home.


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